Where did the floor go?

I just read this article and it relates to my current situation at work. Our jobs are being re-structured and everyone is stressed over this. How can we not be? Well, my first tactic was denial. Anyone familiar with this tool? “I’ll think about that tomorrow”. And it was working for me, well, for a time. Then I applied for a position that would provide me with a stable job and take me out of all that uncertainty. I did not get the job. Then the denial was not working for me.

As I sat with the stress and all the fearful thoughts, I seemed unable to find anything to sooth it. I found all my old tools coming to mind. Cravings for alcohol, shopping and even dating came up frequently. But this time I saw them for what they were, just tools that I was familiar with, but never really worked for long. Then I realized I had some new tools to work with. I remembered I could invite fear to tea and have a conversation with him. In doing this, I found this uncertainty with my job was a gift. I realized that we are never in control and certainty is an illusion. Being uncertain was just being aware. Fear was my guide to this realization.

This article is from one of my favorite teachers. Pemba struggles like I do. She shares from her struggle to help me in mine.



About cherithh

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have been working with people suffering from the effects of trauma for the past 9 years and I love to help people overcome their past and build a new life. This blog is a place to log in some of the reflections and tools that come about from my practice and my own life.
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