Positively positive that positivity is a flawed concept.

I have always balked at positivity for positivities sake. I am an optimist with a firm grasp on reality and i think this is a good balance. I have tried positive affirmations, read “The Secret” and tried to avoid negative thoughts, but it never felt right to me. I find that I am more optimistic when I allow negativity to flow with positivity. The two together seem to highlight the benefits of the positive. Even more, positive things can actually appear negative at times. Nature seems to reflect this. Imagine a rainy day after a full week of rainy days. Gloomy right? Now, imagine a rainy day after a long drought… The same amount of rain, different feeling.

Today I listened to someone talk about the positivity police, and I was so encouraged to hear someone share how I feel. The podcast is full of good insights beyond this idea…


About cherithh

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have been working with people suffering from the effects of trauma for the past 9 years and I love to help people overcome their past and build a new life. This blog is a place to log in some of the reflections and tools that come about from my practice and my own life.
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