❤️ Love

I wonder. If I feel loved does that mean you love me?

I woke up with this thouht. So many times I have thought I was in love, but I have never been sure if I even know what love is. Things are different than they used to be. Learning love comes from practicing love. Could it be that I have opened a channel to feel love flow in? Or is it just that I have allowed the right people into my life and have made decisions against opening up to those who cannot love me? Regardless, I feel loved.

This whole learn to love yourself first has some merit.


💕 Love Co

About cherithh

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have been working with people suffering from the effects of trauma for the past 9 years and I love to help people overcome their past and build a new life. This blog is a place to log in some of the reflections and tools that come about from my practice and my own life.
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