My blog is a tool for me to record my journey in this life. I love finding new perspectives on daily living that ease the things that drag me down or keep me from feeling OK about myself. Life should be an adventure but is often impeded by roadblocks of our own making. Our thoughts, behaviors and environment are often creating a barrier to finding joy in the moment. So, as I share what I learn in various places, I share tools for exploring your world. I welcome any discussion about my recorded journey.

Please view this as a toolbox I have assembled. It does not contain every tool for self development, but the ones I find useful for myself and my clients. Feel free to use the ones you like and look over the ones you do not. This comes with a word of warning however. Sometimes a tool is just unfamiliar and feels odd in our hand. The first time we use a pencil we struggle to find a comfortable grip. After years of use, we find the way others grip a pencil odd…but it works for them. Read with an open, non-judge mental mind and know that not everything will fit you as it does me.

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