Naming the Wanting Mind – Jack Kornfield

Source: Naming the Wanting Mind – Jack Kornfield

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❤️ Love

I wonder. If I feel loved does that mean you love me?

I woke up with this thouht. So many times I have thought I was in love, but I have never been sure if I even know what love is. Things are different than they used to be. Learning love comes from practicing love. Could it be that I have opened a channel to feel love flow in? Or is it just that I have allowed the right people into my life and have made decisions against opening up to those who cannot love me? Regardless, I feel loved.

This whole learn to love yourself first has some merit.


💕 Love Co

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FB update

This is not as hard as I thought, although I do notice that I am filling my time with other mindless activities. Like blogging.

Question: Are mindless activities profitable to us? I mean, is it down time that helps or ought we look toward contemplative or mindful time. What is the draw of the computer? Of organizing files, of surfing for music, of reviewing books etc?

Just curious.

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FBF day 5

Is it only day 5? Oh my… I think I am cheating. I just added a To Read category on Pinterest and made a comment on instagram. Pull back! 

Still, I went on two outings, spent time reading and journaling and I have plans. The hard part is that I have no one to make little comments to. Well, Stirling, but. 

Que Será… yes, life will go on. And really I did spend more time on myself. Now to be more concious. 

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Primal healing?

In Listening to an interview by a healer using chinese medicine, his discussion brought out an idea that sparked my interest. Our genes can be changed by our environment. We pass those changes on to our children. Epigenetic changes help us manage our stressful environments. Somehow this seems discouraging for progress. One study was relating that the children of holocost survivors had less resilience. But my thought was, can we also pass on the healing and resilience we gain when life is less stressful. What about those children born with a deficit? This returns me to the discussion I heard this week. The healer was saying that returning to the earth. Eating whole foods, regaining healing breath patterns, re-setting circadian rhythms, positive social contacts all can re-set our genetics. This…this is what I know must be true, but have such a hard time getting my clients to believe. Trauma can be healed. We can help the next generation to be more resilient. img_5567

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Facebook is an impulse

First thing, see what everyone is up to. Who to share news with? And all my silly thoughts are just my own. My sweet friend Sue started out my day with a message and I sent Henry a text. Time to work. 

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WTF did I just do? Or the great FB withdrawal challenge. 

I just took away access to facebook for Lent. I am not doing it for religious reasons but more as a convinient time period in order to explore my addiction. What is it I use FB for? For keeping up with current events. Yes, well lately they stink, so why not now. I also use it for learning about local events. Lets hope my friends remember I am unplugged. To announce silly realizations through my day… well now my blog is the ear of the world. Here we go.

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How Does the Vagus Nerve Convey Gut Instincts to the Brain? | Psychology Today

Neuroscientists have identified how the vagus nerve communicates with the brain.

Source: How Does the Vagus Nerve Convey Gut Instincts to the Brain? | Psychology Today

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(4) Lessons from Mountainbiking

Lessons from Mountainbiking 1 January 2010 at 20:49 1. Keep both feet high when coasting (Be careful when things look easy) 2. Do not look at the rock you want to avoid (What you are looking at is what you will get/hit) 3. Balance improves when you continue to challenge yourself (self explanatory) 4. A little mud never hurt anyone (self explanatory) 5. don’t get distracted by pretty views (chasing shiny things can keep us from our goal) 6. Make sure the fun trail is at the top of a long steep climb (reward yourself after a hard task) 7. Endurance can be lost (self explanatory) 8. Endurance can be rebuilt (again, self explanatory) 9. Don’t put off a ride because you don’t have a partner (friends make things more interesting, but don’t stop doing what you love because there is no one who wants to join you. 10. Watch out for Bears (this may not always apply to life, but still good advise)

Source: (4) Lessons from Mountainbiking

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The Holiday Crush

I drove home in tears last nigh. My expectations were crushed. I will be spending the next three weekends without my family near. I hate the holidays.

Childhood Christmases have some good sweet memories. Caroling in the neighborhood with friends, church plays, Dad setting up the tree and me playing with the manger animals. I love these bits of Christmas and it is my heritage.

What I hate is the expectation that family will all be there and happy. The reality is my family has other family and they are tired and torn from deciding who gets who for the three special days of the year. I am fine with an approximation of dates, but that usually ends up being me getting forgotten. Growing up my mother had huge expectations for happy family occasions and they usually erupted in a stressful argument of one type or another. One year she decided to take off with Dad to Hawaii. I hope they had a good time. A couple of times we tried having an easy dinner of latkes so she didn’t have to stress over the food, but then she stressed over not stressing. There is no winning with this holiday.

Another thing is the obligation of gifts. The advertising is targeted to get this holiday season to be half a year long. Buying presents for those who buy what they want for themselves means we are often searching and failing at making someone happy with a gift.

And do not get me started on food… well, I think I got myself started. Honestly, how much of this season (starting with Oct 31) promotes health? How difficult is it to avoid unhealthy choices? I was told this year at Thanksgiving not to bring a salad as that was not in the scope of this holiday. Well, it is in the scope of my own healthy choices. Do I bring a packed lunch to each holiday so I can find something not covered in sauce or filled with sugar? Thank goodness I was able to bring a green food and there were some healthy choices. Work is full of dietary landmines. And the grocery store is always packed and it is difficult to just stock up for regular meals.

People become irritable this time of year and my counseling practice has been overflowing this season. SAD as well as holiday stress and family disappointment will keep me in business. But I have always said I would be thrilled if I could work my way out of a job in this field.

I am crushed.


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