The first step to change is suspending disbelief

in working with patients, I run up against so much disbelief. “Depression is a chemical imbalance” meaning what good is this CBT thing? And I will always hurt. Nevermind that science shows incredible responses to change in thinking or manipulating our neural pathways. Just look up the mirror experiment with phantom pain. Pain originates in the mind. See, there you go disbelieving. So how do I convince my patients to suspend their disbelief when they believe the result will be dissapointment.

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What causes depression?

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Fear of loving alone

I just realized this was a fear. I was learning alone was not so bad and then got involved with someone who was not right for me. Why? Because what if I stop looking. What if I give that up? I do not trust that what I need will be there. For now trust that being alone is what I need. Do it fully and with an open heart toward aloneness.

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Naming the Wanting Mind – Jack Kornfield

Source: Naming the Wanting Mind – Jack Kornfield

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❤️ Love

I wonder. If I feel loved does that mean you love me?

I woke up with this thouht. So many times I have thought I was in love, but I have never been sure if I even know what love is. Things are different than they used to be. Learning love comes from practicing love. Could it be that I have opened a channel to feel love flow in? Or is it just that I have allowed the right people into my life and have made decisions against opening up to those who cannot love me? Regardless, I feel loved.

This whole learn to love yourself first has some merit.


💕 Love Co

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FB update

This is not as hard as I thought, although I do notice that I am filling my time with other mindless activities. Like blogging.

Question: Are mindless activities profitable to us? I mean, is it down time that helps or ought we look toward contemplative or mindful time. What is the draw of the computer? Of organizing files, of surfing for music, of reviewing books etc?

Just curious.

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FBF day 5

Is it only day 5? Oh my… I think I am cheating. I just added a To Read category on Pinterest and made a comment on instagram. Pull back! 

Still, I went on two outings, spent time reading and journaling and I have plans. The hard part is that I have no one to make little comments to. Well, Stirling, but. 

Que Será… yes, life will go on. And really I did spend more time on myself. Now to be more concious. 

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